HIVEfarm — Btc Cloud Mining

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HIVEfarm - Btc Cloud Mining

HIVEfarm — Btc Cloud Mining


We recommend not installing this app — this seems to be a Cloud Mining SCAM!
 1/10

Why do we give a 1 star rating = No PAYMENTS!

Once you reach the required payment threshold you are forced to upgrade to release your funds.

HIVEfarm — Btc Cloud Mining

by HIVEfarms

I’m going to keep this Scam Report short:
Almost all 1 Star Google Play reviews already stated that this company defrauds app users when using the free cloud mining plan — we are not sure how paid users have faired with this company — Even with positive reviews we always test the app anyways.
This Cloud Mining SCAM is very much the same as Speedmine. As we have many active Apps testing’s in progress — we do not always get the time to reactivate the miners once they’ve stopped. So, it simulates how a normal Crypto Miner would be using this app. It almost took more than a couple of months to reach the need threshold of 40 000 Satoshi — what a bummer when I got this screen — the dreaded you are being SCAMMED screen.

HiveFarm Miner

It seems that those who opted for the FREE starter plan is having problems releasing funds. But for the paid mining plans there are no complaints — As we all know that reviews can be bought and fraudulently posted.
In the App description there is no transparency on the FREE mining plan and that you will have to fork out funds to activate your withdrawal. Simply there is not very much details in this section and why not just remove the “FREE” plan from the get go.

Keep a Lookout!

Always take a minute or two and read the reviews. Do a search online and see what is said. If it is an app which promises a payment of some sort — look at the following:
1st dead giveaway on any app is to check when a review was posted if the App Developer responds to a review — good or bad.
2nd no website sends up red flags.
3rd — use TrustPilot as a guide — filter the reviews to lowest ratings.
Your time and effort is precious — do not get caught by missing simple warning signs. You matter!

App Data:

Rating: 4.6 stars — 2.04K reviews Play Store
Link to Play store:
Company: Coin Power Ltd >
Website: Claims to be Active!
TrustPilot Reviews:



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